Police Training

Strategy for Reducing DMC…

Minority Youth/ Law Enforcement Forums which bring officers and minority youth together to talk frankly and openly about the problems on the street and the troubled relationship between the two groups.


Disparities in the treatment of youth of color at earlier stages in the system have a dramatic impact on the rates at which youth of color are sent to secure facilities.

Reducing disparities in the treatment of minority youth at the point of contact with police on the street and the point of arrest will also reduce the disproportionate representation of youth of color at later points of the system.


The Pennsylvania Commission on Crime and Delinquency, DMC Subcommittee recognized that one way that disparities in the rates of arrest for minority youth may be reduced is by training police to recognize cultural and developmental differences between adolescent and adult behavior and improving relationships between youth and law enforcement on the street.


Efforts to enhance those law enforcement and youth relationships began throughout regions of Pennsylvania that included:

Philadelphia, Harrisburg, Reading, Lancaster, and Pittsburgh.

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