Allegheny County Working Group

Inspiring Positive Discussion and Change in Allegheny County

In 2003, the Allegheny County Working Group was formed to address disproportionate minority contact at the local level.  The approximately 40 members of the working group come from a diverse group of professional and private individuals and organizations who are dedicated to improving relationships between youth and law enforcement:

Administrative Judge Kim Berkeley Clark, Allegheny County

Allegheny County District Attorney’s Office     Allegheny County Public Defender’s Office     

Allegheny County Sheriff’s Department     Allegheny Intermediate Unit 3     City of Pittsburgh Police Department

Allegheny County Police Department     Allegheny County Juvenile Probation

MacArthur Foundation     Private Individuals

Allegheny County was one of the initial five counties in Pennsylvania to sponsor minority youth/law enforcement forums.  The forums are designed to bring law enforcement and minority youth together to talk freely and honestly about their concerns/fears on the street and the problematic relationships between youth and law enforcement.

The Allegheny County Working Group’s goal is to initiate a positive dialogue between law enforcement and youth, which will educate both groups on how to reduce adverse interactions, decrease the arrests of minority youth and ensure the safety of both youth and law enforcement when interacting on the street.

The DMC Working Group is committed to eliminating racial and ethnic inequalities within the Juvenile Justice System by educating law enforcement and youth on how to develop positive interaction and understanding between each other, which will result in more positive and appropriate outcomes.

DMC Forums Are An Exercise In Understanding.

Think about this:

Communication is crucial.

Body language, eye contact and tone of spoken language is key when interacting on the street.

Show interest in what others have to say.

Be accepting of different views.

Respect each other’s concerns.

When a young man was asked why he ran when he saw police, he responded that he wasn’t necessarily running from police.  The young man explained that when he is on the street and a car is coming around the corner that he cannot fully see, it might be someone with a gun shooting.

For More Information About DMC Reduction Efforts in Allegheny Co. Please Contact:

Ms. Kimberly Booth

Assistant Chief Juvenile Probation Officer- Allegheny County

Phone: 412-350-0210


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